Exotics: How Super Are They?


Most of the time when you see a fancy shmancy Lamborghini or Ferrari out in our societal wilderness, it’s poppin’ a squat in the parking lot loyally waiting for its owner to come back from inside the mall with his or her’s new professional business attire.  You don’t really get to experience the asphalt stretching power, the smell of burning rubber, the smack of your head on the front of an alcantara seat, the sheer grip of some streetable race rubbers in a harsh corner or even the sound of a powerful motor howling from the harmonically tuned exhaust tips that these cars are equipped with.   Continue reading


Monterey Car Week: You Should Go


The Good Old Days

Do you remember that moment when you were a youngster, just strolling along with your pops in a parking lot, then BAM!  You saw this car you’ve never seen before.  It was so shiny, hunkered down, artful, distinguishable, and beautiful…………. and you just stopped…. and looked at it…. and admired it for a bit.   Continue reading

5 Ways To Be A More-Than-Decent Automotive Enthusiast


Automotive enthusiasts around the world, especially in rural areas, tend to be a little blind to the culture around them.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I mean, most of us have other things to pay attention to throughout the day:  jobs, family, financial planning……. electrical problems for some of us German car owners.)  But being the car-infatuated beings that we are, it is our DUTY to contribute to the pool of same-minded peers in our local areas. Continue reading