Writer’s Opinion: Electric Vehicles and Hybrids


In today’s everchanging technological environment, electricity is without a doubt going to become our chauffeur within the next few decades.  Yes, to the many practical people in this world, electric cars are a no brainer for meeting upcoming efficiency standards and being environmentally friendly.  They get you from A to B by plugging into your wall at night and costing you next-to-nothing to operate.  They don’t brake down nearly as much as their gasoline-combusting counterparts, and they most certainly have some cool gadgets and gizmos that come along with being a product of the latest and greatest that the 21st Century has to offer.  But does that have meaning to the standard car enthusiast?  And are there going to be repercussions to the gas-powered car owner if (or should I say when) this movement comes along?   Continue reading


Koenigsegg: Why Does It Matter?


In life, there is a top 1% of everything.  Whether it be those high performers in the workplace that are constantly promoted, or the highest rated pizza place on Yelp that people say is “the gooiest, crispiest, most tantalizing tango between tomatoes and cheese I have ever laid my tongue on”, these top of the tops are hard to come by, because, well, they provide an experience that beats out the other 99% (and sometimes 99.99999% as I will explain later).  But they are only hard to come by if they have been sitting undiscovered for a significant amount of time.  It’s funny because, although rare and unknown at first, once word spreads about the cream of the crop, EVERYONE knows about them.  Such is the case for a small, intimidatingly-spelled Swedish hypercar company identified as Koenigsegg.   Continue reading