Videos: My Top 5 Car Videos

Hey all!  Thought I would break up a lot of the informationals and slightly opinionated blog posts with something a bit more sit-back-and-watchy.  I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite car-related videos of all time, so slouch on the couch and enjoy!  

The above video is of Mad Mike’s quad rotor RX7 screaming around in New Zealand.  I cannot believe the pure, angry scream that is produced by his unconventional powerplant setup!

The second is a MKIV Supra doing what it does best: spooling and spinning.  Gotta love the whistle of a big snail under the hood.

This is only one of many of the /Inside Koenigsegg series of videos created by /DRIVE.  It is a small part of a large documentary that follows the incredible Swedish hypercar company, lengthily named Koenigsegg.

The Porsche 918, the 2016 holder of the fastest lap around the Nurburgring in a production car.  The video above is the in-car footage of its fastest lap and gives you the opportunity to see just how much focus and ambition it takes to be the driver behind a world-renowned lap on the most treacherous track in the world.

Drift is a small (actually huge) passion of mine, and this video captures exactly what the essence of the sport is:  go big, have fun and let challenges fuel your success.  The Irish Drift Championship, to me, has even more soul and aggression than all of the other drift series combined.  If you ever get the chance, you’ve gotta see just how quickly and precisely these drivers slide their cars.  It’s mesmerizing.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed!  Check out the links below for more cars and quirk:

Car Instagram: @allroadsnation

Personal Instagram (the boring one): @blake_a_million

Facebook: All Roads Nation


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