Writer’s Opinion: Electric Vehicles and Hybrids


In today’s everchanging technological environment, electricity is without a doubt going to become our chauffeur within the next few decades.  Yes, to the many practical people in this world, electric cars are a no brainer for meeting upcoming efficiency standards and being environmentally friendly.  They get you from A to B by plugging into your wall at night and costing you next-to-nothing to operate.  They don’t brake down nearly as much as their gasoline-combusting counterparts, and they most certainly have some cool gadgets and gizmos that come along with being a product of the latest and greatest that the 21st Century has to offer.  But does that have meaning to the standard car enthusiast?  And are there going to be repercussions to the gas-powered car owner if (or should I say when) this movement comes along?  


What’s To Come?

Answer to the above question: I dunno.  I really don’t.  What I do know is that there are a lot of people out there that have a true passion for the gasoline engine and take pride in what they do with it.  This applies to garage monkeys, collectors, business owners, motorsport athletes, and even the occasional Prius driver (We’ve gotta fund our projects somehow you know).  Personally, I don’t mind the idea of hybrids and EV’s as long as they aren’t REPLACING gasoline-powered vehicles on the roads.  I’ve driven a few: the Telsa Model S P100D, the Chevy Volt, Prius V, and been passenger in a McLaren P1 (Kind of a controversial hybrid because it isn’t efficiency oriented).  All are great cars in their own ways and are a statement of how advanced our automobile industry has become, but I would never own one (I don’t consider the P1 a hybrid, so I would buy the shit outta that thing…… but no monies).



So a thing in Germany happened.  They outlined a plan to remove all petrol powered vehicles off the road by 2030.  Has it been passed?  No.  Is it going to pass?  Probably.  How does this affect everyone else in the globe?  I dunno.  BUT….. we can all sit back and observe how that works out for the country.  What I haven’t researched is whether or not the plan makes electric vehicles and hybrids the only cars that people can own.  I’m guessing that recreational use of gas-powered cars will still be a thing and that people won’t have to fess up the vroom vroom that they’ve had all their lives.  What this does mean is that other countries will have to start cracking down on the use of gasoline cars very very soon. Germany, our overachieving classmate, has set an example, and I’m pretty sure that since the connotative influence that thinking about the environment has on the world is positive, will most definitely start an electric-only bandwagon in the next few years.


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